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Oncology deals with three things to cure cancer patients. The three areas are Radiation treatment, Surgical Treatment, and Medical Treatment.

Patients need the utmost care and very meticulous treatment procedures to treat their cancer. However, a series of steps are involved in the treatment which may not be available in one place. The already distressed people have to go from one place to another to get all the procedures done.

Here at Dr. Nikhil Parwate, we believe in treating and caring for each patient as our own. Very rigorous efforts are done to make the patient healthy again so that they can continue with their normal life again.

Dr. Nikhil Parwate-The Best Doctor for treating Gynecological Cancer in Pune| Best Results Guaranteed

Dr. Nikhil Parwate is a highly qualified, experienced individual in the field of oncology.

Dr. Nikhil Parwate is one of the most famous colposcopist having more than 15 years of experience in treating Gynecological Cancer. He has worked as a freelance surgeon in Mumbai and is currently working in Aditya Birla Hospital as a senior Gynaec Oncologist Surgeon.

He aimed to provide maximum convenience for his patient’s treatment. He wanted the facility of surgery, chemotherapy, CT Scan MRI, and all other related procedures under the same organization so the patients and their families don’t have to suffer through so much inconvenience. All these things along with preventive treatment for cancers like breath screening, Cervix Screening were bestowed by the virtue of Aditya Birla Hospital.

Since 2017, he has been on a mission to provide quality and careful treatment with the best success results for cancer patients without incurring much inconvenience.

Fight & Defeat Cancer with Utmost Convenience and Care

Cancer is one of the most challenging diseases and having to fight through it is already a struggle in itself. Under the guidance of Dr. Nikhil Parwate, patients can receive a seamless treatment with proper infrastructure and facilities. Aditya Birla Hospital has been one of the famous Hospitals and a brand in itself and it continues to prove its capability from 20+ years in Pimpri Chinchwad, Pune.

Why is Doctor Nikhil Parwate considered the best?

Apart from having 15+ years of experience, he has done more than 150 Colposcopies in a year.

He has screened more than one lakh women for Cancer and has successfully removed 10.5kg uterine tumor which is considered the second-best successful surgery as per Indian Records.

Services Available For Cancer Treatment

Dr. Nikhil Parwate, being a senior and esteemed doctor specializing in Gynecology and Colposcopy has taken great measures to tend to cancer patients. His high-end approach towards treating the aliment and the infrastructure benefit bestowed has really proven to be a boon for the incoming patients. He has the utmost knowledge and great experience in treating ailments like breast cancer, ovarian cancer, unhealthy cervix, etc.


CT Scan





All these aspects of Cancer Care can be availed under the same roof without dealing with the hassle of going here and there for a specific issue. Apart from this, routine preventive treatment for Cancer is also done under Dr. Nikhil’s purview. Hence a holistic approach to the cancer treatment is kept into consideration while dealing with each patient

A professional take…

Dr. Nikhil Parwate is a renowned Colposcopist and senior Gynecologist and Oncologist surgeon. He has rich experience in this field and knows technicalities of breast cancer. If you are looking for someone who can guide you on what to do, visit

Achievements: He removed a “Pumpkin Sized Uterine Tumor”, weighing 10.5 Kgs from the abdomen of a 50 year old woman after 5 hours of surgery in 2019.

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