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Dr. Nikhil Parwate

Dr. Nikhil Parwate is working as Chief colposcopist and Senior  Gynaec-Onco. Surgeon at Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital,  Chinchwad Pune.

Dr. Nikhil Parwate has dedicated himself exclusively for prevention, detection and treatment of all gynaecological cancers  (cervix , uterus , ovary , vulva , breast) and has developed his own unique holistic way of helping patients going through the difficult phase of cancer treatment.

We aim to prevent and cure women's cancer by advancing the most promising medical facilities.

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Women are diagnosed with Gynaecological Cancer.


approximately deaths from gynecologic cancers.


Patients treated by Dr. Nikhil Parwate

Types of Gynaecological Cancer explained in Marathi | MIC | Patient Education

Dr. Nikhil Parwate MBBS, MD (Obgy. & Gynae) fellowship in Gynae Oncology Consultant.

Dr. Nikhil Parwate with chief of police, Dhaka city, Bangladesh

Dr. Nikhil Parwate

Dr. Nikhil Parwate with chief of police Dhaka city, Bangladesh where he addressed cancer cervix Prevention to all the high ranking police force & was honoured with memento after chittagong and Dhaka address of the entire police force.

Valuable client feedback

Mrs. Prandya​
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Mrs pradnya, 36 years old suffering from white discharge from the last 3/4 months. He gave me proper instruction about what to do after LLETZ and about diet and all my doubts were cleared. After 10 days my reports came and everything was as per he has diagnosed. I have been living the normal life as before because of him only and his heavenly correct treatment. His way of treating patients really inspires me and i will to make the women around me aware of the Cervical Cancer and related diseases.
Mr. Keshav
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Mr. Keshav Pawan working as AGM in Idea cellular. Dr. Nikhil Parwate treated menopause bleeding for my sister which is 52 years old. Operating on my sister was critical also high risk as she is suffering through high BP ,obesity. Hernia, L2 compressed fracture, pelvic bone fracture history and what not. Dr. Nikhil has a very positive outlook and discusses the case with patient and relatives in such a way that we all knew what is the cause, situation,procedures,risk and end results in almost everything related to hysterectomy and oncology.
Mr. Sarat Kumar Patnaik
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My mother is 79years of age suffering from ovarian cancer. I visited doctor with preliminary test reports. Doctor Nikhil Parwate correctly diagnosed the condition and advised lymplnod biopsy. From there he concluded the type of cancer and extend of spread. The doctor Nikhil ruled out surgery and advised palliative treatments as my mother is mentally very strong. He also advised nutrition rich food for her as a result after 3months I could see a dramatic change in her health condition most importantly She could walk fine and able to do her own work. Her weight started increasing. Her food intake gradually becoming normal. We thank Dr Nikhil Parwate for his method of treatment and frank discussion with relatives about the disease and treatment methods.
Mrs.Nisha Kriplani
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Dr Nikhil Parwate is a perfect doctor lots of experience . Most essentially ,he roots up the problem and finds a complete solution for it . He gives equal importance to every patient He helped me in all my problems.
Mr. Prosanto Dev Mukherjee
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On 1st of October , I suddenly found bleeding in my mother's urine we got very tensed about the situation , we consulted a Dr. From express clinic But we decided to take a second opinion then we were suggested about Dr Nikhil Parwate , on 3rd oct we met him in the morning after various test he declared it as cancer , we got very panicked about the situation but his friendly and positive attitude gave us a great relief and to patient also , he explained everything about the disease , after discussing he consulted Dr. Rakesh aggarwal (radiology) , and gave a 28 days successful radiation , then he decided to do a surgery but my mother is 78 yrs and that came as the main challenge as it was very risky to operate 78 yrs old lady , but he took the challenge and undergone a 5 hours surgery and successfully completed it . Now my mother is out of danger , he gave a new life to my mother he is just like a representative of God for us.
Mr. Ritesh Reddy
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After lot of search and efforts met Doctor Nikhil Parwate who was perfect for the treatment I was looking for my Mother. Knows his job very well and is clear with his approach once he diagnosis the issue. Motivational and makes the patient feel comfortable.
Mr. Atal Chhipa
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I visited Dr Nikhil Parwate for my wife's Endometriotic Ovarian cyst treatment . Great doctor, very high in energy and very confident. He explains minute details of your problem. The cyst was complex but after meeting him we were relaxed that it will be treated in a best possible way. Every time when you meet Dr Nikhil you become more confident and motivated. My wife was very demoralized and was crying after knowing that she had complex cyst but after meeting Doctor Nikhil Parwate she was positive and motivated. I completely trust the doctor handling complex gynecological problems. Highly recommended.

International Testimonial​

Treated patient from Mozambique International patient.

Dr. Nikhil Parwate – The Best Gynac-Onco Surgeon in Pune.